Magnets / Permanent Magnets
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In this chapter I will explain about the characteristics of magnets because magnets do many things not just one thing. When you discover the many things going on with magnets it helps in the designing of magnet powered motor systems.

1) Magnets pull or will stick to metals with iron
2) Magnets can be used to pull and push off of each other. Magnets Push off of the same poles meaning that if you try to bring 2 magnets together North end to North end they will push away from each other. Same goes for the South Poles if you try to bring 2 magnets together South Pole will Push away from South Pole. Magnets pull on oposite poles, meaning the North Poles of Magnets stick best on the South Poles of other magnets.
3) Magnets stick to each other. If you drop several magnets of the same type on a surface at the same time, they will automatically stick together in a specific manner. North poles seek south poles and stick almost instantly. Magnets also stick to eachother on their sides but not as strong of a pulling force exists.
4) Magnets spin on their north and south poles. This means that if you take several magnets of the same type the north poles of one magnet will stick to the south pole of the another magnet and you can spin them after they stick together.
5) Magnets have what could be called east west poles. Magnets will stick together on the east west sides but they will not spin. If you try to spin them they will pull and push away from each other as you spin them. If you take several magnets and place them on a surface with all North poles facing up you will find that they automatically push away from each other from the sides of the magnets. If you take 2 magnets and put one with the north pole up and one with the south pole up on a surface you will find that they will be attracted to each other from their sides.  When like poles are up they push away when you alternate poles they stick together.
6) Automatic Centering of Magnets. Magnets Automatically Center on objects and themselves allowing for automatic alignment possibilities. Keeping Objects centered when building motors is critical to limiting resistance.
7) Magnets have power that lasts for 100s of years That is why they are called permanent magnets. Electro Magnets have power while they are charged with electricity so they can be turned on or off like a light bulb.  
8) Magnets can be made from different properties. There are many types of magnets. Ceramic, Neodynium Electro, Etc.
9) Magnets can be dangerous. Working with magnets with 25 Lbs of pulling force is safe most of the time. 1/2 inch dia X 1 inch long magnets have approx 25 Lbs of pulling force. Neodynium Magnets 1-1/2 in dia X 1-1/2 in long have over 200lbs of pull and so would always be dangerous to work with. People buy strong magnets make one wrong move and lose their figure tips, videos can be seen on YouTube.
10) Magnets need time to align themselves to the surface they are trying to pull on. This Characteristic can be observed by sliding a magnet on a metal surface. If you slide a magnet on a metal surface fast enough it will let go of the surface or not have enough time to grab it. This is great news because the negative force or resistance trying to pull an object back into a non parallel force field is reduced as the object speeds up. It has been observed that if the pull back force is 5lbs when the object is moving slowly out of the force field that when the object speeds up the resistance is greatly reduced. If you have 5lbs of resistance at 1RPM with objects moving at 3ft per minute with a 12 inch diameter motor, if you spin the motor at 1000RMP 5lbs of unwanted resistance could become as little as 1oz because the magnets need time to align themselves plus momentum also helps the object leave the force field.