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(Video 1) = Magnet Powered Motor - Australia
Magnet Powered Generator System
This company ( ) is recruiting partners for development and distribution of this motor/generator. This is a great system design with diversified possibilities. This System can be bought in stages according to how much power you need. One 1250 Watt Unit as Shown in Video can easily provide enough energy for 1 person that is calculated as Energy Consumed at Home.

(Video 2) = Magnet Powered Generator- Australia
Generator Powered By Permanent Magnets For Homes

This type of motor/generator can Power a single family home. Imagine No Power Bill.
This Magnet Powered Motor/Generator Produces 24KW Kilowatts Per Day. It is (5X Over Unity) It is powerful and small so it can be made affordable for single family homes, motor homes and remote properties.

(Video 3) = Magnet Motor Working System - Australia
Motor Powered By Permanent Magnets
This type of magnet motor can be used with a generator to Power a single family home. Imagine No Power Bill. This looks like a great system for airplanes. How nice it would be to not worry about fuel stops.

The narrator claims it is not free energy because some person needs to pay for the machine. But once the machine is bought the person using it will not need to pay for Gasoline or Electricity because this type of system uses magnets to produce free energy. Although the inventor did not mention how efficient this system is. We can tell by how fast it starts up that it works well. Probably 5X Over Unity or More. Might be a push system.

Some systems use the magnets to pull some to push. Magnets can constantly pull on metal or push and pull off each other because they are charged with energy that lasts for over 100 Years. Free Energy comes from the motion created by magnetic forces.

(Video 4) = Dennis Lee Magnet Power Basics
Non Parallel Magnetic Forces Pull Objects Free Energy Demo

Video Part 1 Shows the fixture with the blue and red bar magnets about 3 feet long. This Demo is pulling a (ferrous/contains iron) metal ball through a non parallel magnetic force field, the bars are wider apart where the ball starts to roll up. Ball is being pulled Towards The Closest Potential Point. Not Magic, No Mystery, Any Smart Person Could prove this works at home.
Video Part 2 Shows the fixture approx 2 feet square with a round configuration of magnets on rails. This model is pulling the arm and uses magnets on the arm being spun and is not pulling on a ferrous metal object.
Video Part 3 Shows a small fixture about 5 inches square with a round configuration of magnets set into the plastic. A small round bar approx 3/8 inch in diameter is pulled around and hits a ball to stop it from spinning.

Small Portable Magnet Motors can create (constant rotary motion) that is very close to free energy. These Motors would allow anyone to create clean non polluting electricity for their own needs where they want or need it. Having power available to All Of Us (many small systems connected together) puts an end to power failures. With our current electric service system one transformer can explode miles away from our homes and leave millions of people in the dark.

(Video 5) Shows Basic Magnetic Priciples

This Video Demostrates and explains how the grouping of magnets is critical with a rotary type system in order to push the maghets through their starting positions. This Rotary Model is pushing magnet/objects on the (rotor = white cylinder with lots of magnets spinning) with magnets mounted on the other side of the wooden blocks shown.

The white cylinder shown in the video spinning has magnets stacked in rows 7 high. Notice the alignment of the magnets they are not in straight rows, that is needed in order to overcome negative forces. This fixture is like having 7 rotors stacked on top of each.

(Video 6)


(Video 7) = Shows Constant Rotary Motion Is Possible?
I am still experimenting to discover how this system works
Free Power From Magnets = Free Energy

This magnet motor system uses magnet forces apposing (Pushing away from each other) Pushing can produce allot of torque. The adjustable stators (Half Moon Parts) is a great idea. This type of system could regulate forward motion with a foot pedal to move vehicles without electric motors, engines or electronics of any kind. Push and Go ... This guy gets an A+ for getting it right, he understands the technology. Does it look hard to build? Could come in the mail as a build it yourself kit. A system like this could provide more energy than most people use in one day. By simply hooking a typical alternator from any car to the shaft to charge 12 Volt Batteries. Then Inverters can be used to run most appliances.

Over Unity is a term that means, if you can get a machine to run all by itself, it has reached The Point of Unity. If you get a Machine to run and produce more power than is required to run the machine then you have successfully accomplished the task of reaching Over Unity. Note: Ferrous Metals are (Metals Containing Iron = Metals Magnets Stick To) Non Ferrous Metals are (Metals Containing No Iron = Metals Magnets Will Not Stick To) Stainless Steel, Aluminum Brass Etc are non ferrous. The term ferrous or non ferrous is used in this report (Video-5)



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